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Embracing Nostalgia: Retracing Queens’ Culinary Traditions through Immigrants’ Voices

This exhibit celebrates food and culinary traditions in Queens, from our agricultural past to our urbanized and ethnically diverse present. Featured here, are the results of an oral history project designed to explore the culinary practices and traditional foods of diverse immigrant communities, conducted by undergraduate Sociology students at Queens College, City University of New York. They worked under the mentorship of Dr. Anahi Viladrich and Director of the Queens Memory program, Natalie Milbrodt.

Immigrants’ food histories provide a unique lens for examining the cultural, emotional, and ethnic legacies that continue to inform the traditional practices of Queens’ evolving communities. The expanded, physical version of this exhibit is installed at the Citi Bank building in Long Island City until April 25, 2014. These are the oral history clips featured in the exhibit.

Note: to listen to these oral history clips, click on any of the photos. Click "next" in the enlarged window to scroll through each photo and audio clip.

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