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Photos from the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council

Queens Memory has partnered with The Greater Ridgewood Youth Council to document life in Ridgewood and provide training to 19 student-employees who are working with the Youth Council as part of the citywide Work, Learn & Grow Employment Program. As members of the Youth Council’s Partners in Community workgroup, these students will divide into specialized teams to conduct oral history interviews, digitize historic photos and other records of life in Ridgewood, and produce a podcast featuring the stories of Queens residents. They will also participate in Queens Memory events at Ridgewood Community Library on Wednesday, January 27 and Wednesday, February 3, when Ridgewood residents are invited to bring their photos and other memorabilia to the library and have them digitized and saved to a thumb drive to take home. For more information about the Partners in Community workgroup or our Ridgewood Queens Memory events, contact Queens Memory Director Natalie Milbrodt at Natalie.Milbrodt@queenslibrary.org.
This gallery features the photos this team has digitized and cataloged as well as interviews and photos they have captured themselves in Ridgewood.
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